Mini Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder | Long 25 Day Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp
long battery life audio spy recorder
small audio recorder voice activated
Mini Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder | Long 25 Day Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp
Mini Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder | Long 25 Day Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp
Mini Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder | Long 25 Day Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp

Mini Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder | Long 25 Day Battery Life | Date & Time Stamp

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Easy To Use Voice Activated 8GB Audio Recorder 

  • PROFESSIONAL FEATURES - Up to 288 hours of recording capacity. There are no noises or indicator lights while recording. Voice activated recording. It has an amazing 25 Day Battery Life In VOS mode and 24 hours of continuous recording.  Capable of both voice activated recording and continuous recording. Date and Time Stamp (windows only).

  • EASILY LISTEN TO YOUR RECORDINGS - When you are ready to listen to your recordings You have two options. Simply connect to your computer (windows or mac) to listen to the audio files or use the optional OTG cable to listen on your "OTG capable" android device including smart phones and tablets . Recordings can also be saved to your computer, SD card, thumb drive etc. and/or deleted from the audio recorder.

  • VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDING - Set the recording device where you want it, and then forget it. It'll turn on the next time it hears sound thanks to it’s voice activation feature. When the sound stops, the small USB flash drive audio recorder goes into a sleep mode to save battery life. Example: If the recorder is in voice activated mode and records for 3 hours a day the battery will last a little for than eight days.

  • ONE TOUCH RECORDING - Simply "roll" the to the left for voice activated recording or to the right for continuous recording. It's that easy

The world's most powerful USB flash drive recorder is here!

Our best flash drive recorder just got better! The new MQ-U350 is an upgraded version of our popular MQ-300 recorder. New features include the following: upgraded body style, double the memory, 24hr continuous record (vs 15hr), and time/date stamp (windows only). It is hands down the most powerful and feature packed flash drive voice recorder on the market.

The MQ-U350 has all the capabilities most flash drive recording devices combined into one the best voice recorders on the market today. Easily switch between voice activation and continuous recording modes with a flip of a switch. In addition to the amazing 25 day standby battery life in voice activation mode, it can also record while plugged in for virtually unlimited battery life.

Not only can it record audio, it also functions as an ordinary flash drive and can store other files/documents. When you are ready to listen to what you have recorded, simply plug it in to MAC or Windows computer to instantly view/listen to the files.

New! Listen to your recordings using your Android phone or tablet!
Purchase the optional Android OTG Adapter above and you can listen to your recordings from your Android phone or tablet by simply connecting the recorder to your device and playing the files under "MY Files".

Features & Specifications

  • Perfect for Portable Audio Recording
  • Excellent Quality Audio Recording
  • Up To 288 Hours of Recording Storage
  • Battery Life: About 25 days of standby and 24 Hours of Continuous Recording 
  • Voice Activated or Continuous Recording Capabilities
  • Tiny Portable Digital Voice Recorder
  • Easy One Touch Recording
  • Date and Time Stamp Capabilities
  • File Format: MP3
  • Memory Size: 8GB
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Functional USB Flash Drive


    Popular Uses:

    • Record Important Meetings -  Lose the pen and paper and keep a detailed audio record.
    • Capture Interviews - Easily record interviews and presentations with this small voice recorder 
    • Record Your Conversations - Quickly record all of your conversations so that you don't forget a thing.
    • USB Flash Drive - Use the internal memory to take important files,music or movies with you anywhere
    • Take Notes on the Go - Record notes while you're out easily with this tiny audio recorder. Even in a car



    1 x Digital Voice Recorder
    1 x User Manual  
    Lifetime Premium Technical Support


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    • How does the purchase appear on credit card statement?


       It will appear as SOTA Surv

    • Does it work with iPhones or IPads? Will it break it if I try?


       The unit will record in MP3 files, so it can be played by most devices, but unfortunately iPhones and iPads do not have any sort of USB connection to connect the device to.

    • Under what circumstances are time and date stamps logged? Is it every time the voice activation turns on to start recording? Any other information on date/time stamp logging?

      Hi,    If using voice activation, it will crreate a new file whenever it is triggered. The time and date stamping will time and date the actual file. So for example, if you set the time and date on the device, when you go to access the files that are on the device, they will have the time and date of when they were created.

    • Does the delivery package indicate where it is from?

      No, it does  not.

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